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Timeless classic lacked cohesion

THE FALCON Players' latest production at the Stanford Hall Theatre was Harold Brighouse's 'Hobson's Choice', a favourite of generations of playgoers which has stood the test of time with its humour and shrewd observations.

Jane Thomas as Maggie Hobson and Lawrence Holmes as William Mossop were well cast and played with style and conviction. Sadly, they were not always given the necessary support by the other principal actors, Keith Hague as Henry Horatio Hobson gave a patchy performance, while the sisters Alice and Vicky Hobson, played by Kathy Phillips and Jill Ewen were initially somewhat hesitant, although they gained confidence as the play progressed. Roy Emmett as Timothy Wadlow (Tubby) and Frank Webster as Jim Heeler were assured in their character.

The production suffered from a lack of cohesion and too many uncomfortable pauses, but in spite of the shortcomings, the company was generously applauded at the final line-up.

The Falcon Players' next production, scheduled for February, 1990 will be 'No Sex Please - We're British'. 

- J.W.