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This play is a sequel to RUN FOR YOUR WIFE. We find John Smith eighteen years later, still happily married to his two unsuspecting wives. He now has a sixteen-year old son, Gavin, by Barbara in Streatham, and a fifteen-year old daughter, Vicki, by Mary in Wimbledon. One day Gavin and Vicki happen to meet surfing the internet and are amazed at the coincidences concerning their respective (!) fathers: both are called 'John Smith'; both are aged 43; and, surprise, surprise, both are taxi drivers. Vicki can't understand her Dad's vehement reaction when she tells him, firstly, of the amazing coincidence and, secondly, that she's invited Gavin round to meet him and Mum, John spends the next two hours attempting to stop the inevitable. CAUGHT IN THE NET received a marvellous reception at the Vaudeville Theatre in London's West End, where the critics received it with absolute delight: 'It's sheer joy from beginning to end', 'It has been a while since I cried laughing at the theatre, and what a joy it is when it happens'
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