Now I shouldn't really be telling you this, but so long as you only promise to tell interested other parties, we'll say nothing more on the matter. Well there is a war on you know...

Rumour has it that the Falcon Players' next production will be an absolute treat. The End of The Pier Show by Jeremy Carrad has something for everyone with songs and comedy of our era (it is the 1940's you know!).

The following information has been leaked out - apparantly all the major cast members are in place and rehearsals are going very well. Director Lawrence Holmes has a lot on his plate (well, what rationing will allow), what with so many folk being in the cast - having to co-ordinate their movements and all that. The thing is, everytime they get into the swing of it, there's another blasted air raid. Damn Jerry.

Anyway all's going to plan in the war effort. All you need to do, good people, is book your ticket nice and early. Rumour has it the last one damn well nearly sold out and this looks as if it could be the same.  So book now, eh - what what?

The Cope's the venue from 4th - 7th June. We'll see you then!