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Diplomatic Baggage - A Whitehall Farce 

No, it’s not what you think. Many a biting satire has been written about the workings of Government and many a time have the workings of Government been considered a farce. But no, the Whitehall in the title refers to a London Theatre, the London Theatre which for many years hosted a series of farces either staring or being produced by Brian Rix. Diplomatic Baggage, the Falcon Players’ next production, is typical of the type of farce loved by audiences in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
A very important trade agreement is about to be signed between Britain and France. The British want a ten year agreement; the French one year. Harrison Tweedie, the Permanent Under Secretary is about to meet the French delegation when he discovers Barry Layton, his junior, has taken the wrong diplomatic bag.
Comic chaos and panic ensue as Tweedie tries to retrieve his bag and when the action moves to Paris where the agreement is to be signed, Barry is overwhelmed by the attentions of maids and secretaries who are only too willing to offer him some French “hospitality”!  Then Barry’s wife arrives….. Will the French finally say “Qui” to Britain? Will Barry keep the scantily clad girls from meeting his wife? And what is Uncle Luke doing in Paris?  
Come to the Cope Auditorium for a hilarious evening’s entertainment and find out! Tickets are now selling fast and can be purchased through the usual channels.


We'd love to see you at the 'Cope' in February.


Chris Marlow