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We’ve all heard the seemingly constant bad news about the recent downturn of the economy. Whether or not you’ve been personally affected by this, with constant doom and gloom being broadcast, you could be forgiven for thinking that those enjoyable nights out are off the agenda for the time being. 


The Falcon Players however offer a way of beating this despondency - by treating yourself to a fun night out at the local theatre. If you’ve never seen us before then we could just be the money-saving tonic you need. Local theatre with local amateur groups performing a wide variety of material can be considerably cheaper than our professional counterparts. Our tickets are only £9 (plus we do concessions too) compared to the £20 plus you could pay at some venues. Parking at the Cope Auditorium is free too so there are no additional charges to worry about.


The Falcon Players specialise in comedy and farce so you’re bound to find the night’s proceedings enjoyable. Plus at the same time you’ll be helping support local amateur theatre. 

So go on… treat yourself. A night out at the Cope could be just the thing to banish those 'credit crunch blues'!